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Over the years, we have educated and empowered individuals to make changes necessary to take control of and improve their health and wellbeing. We have done that work under the brand “Nurtur.” Now, we are more closely aligning ourselves with several other trusted healthcare services to make health, wellness, and care management less complicated, easily accessible, and more engaging for everyone. Over the coming months we will fully transition the Nurtur brand to Envolve PeopleCare as we work to provide the best possible healthcare for the individuals and clients we serve.

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By combining our behavior change programs with dental and vision benefits, specialty pharmacy services, and health data systems designed to drive real healthcare transformation for decades to come, we are poised to make real change.

Our vision is to transform healthcare so that each individual receives the best care possible by making things simpler, more streamlined, and smarter. We will provide easier-to-understand services as a unified entity under one name, Envolve. The same dedicated people you’ve worked with in the past are still here to continue ensuring you receive the best healthcare possible. Our new collaborated effort provides individuals with even more services and resources to improve overall health...

As a single, integrated care solution company, Envolve has the ability to grow as a healthcare leader and have a greater impact on our industry. We'll be able to leverage our collective expertise to realize our purpose of transforming the health of the community, one individual at a time. The name Envolve reflects our determination to encourage the overall health system to evolve and for us to involve everyone with a stake in that change.


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Digital Health

Envolve Digital Health fits effortlessly into everyday lives. We inspire positive behavior change through technology-based tools, evidence-based wellness offerings, and motivational incentives delivered at the intersection of the individual and the organization.

Behavioral Health

Envolve Behavioral Health improves outcomes for members, agencies, health plans, and states through behavioral health programs and specialty rehabilitation therapies. Our strong local presence means we are closely aligned to the needs of our communities.

Nurse Advice Line

Envolve Nurse Advice Line is a national multilingual nurse triage and health education provider. We are a category leader in call response times that offers triage and behavioral health service, health empowerment, medication adherence support and outreach services. We deliver positive, measurable results and improved outcomes through quality care, award-winning services, and customized solutions.

Health and Life Coaching

Envolve Health and Life Coaching empowers individuals at all stages of life to take control of their health and wellbeing. We support people in making vital behavior changes, and motivate them to address life issues that get in the way of health and complicate living.

Foster Care Management

Envolve Foster Care Management offers unique management services for children in foster care. We go beyond simply managing behavioral health benefits and act as the hub for all information related to the child's care. We have become a care team that creates solutions for this unique population.

Care Gap Closure Services

Envolve Care Gap Closure Services is a proven program for closing gaps in care. We help organizations meet or exceed HEDIS®/STARS goals, avoid costly penalties, ensure members adhere to recommended care guidelines, and enhance the quality of the plan.


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